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The idea with the Summer collection is that it should be easy to furnish to your own taste. Therefore the armchair is available in both white and black and the inviting sun mattress in two summery colors. Therefore, you can also choose between five different tables, four of which are in solid teak and one has a teak top and tubular steel legs. Round or rectangular, small or large? Choose the table or tables that best suit you and your plans for relaxation and socializing, for parties as well as for everyday life. All teak used in our products comes from plantations that are certified_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_according to the rules for sustainable forestry. 

FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16605.jpg
inout grå.jpg
inout form Deckchair i teak med blå dyna
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16733.jpg
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16566.jpg
inout form Summer 52 fåtölj i vitt med litet runt teakbord
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16581.jpg
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16643.jpg
inout form Bristol teaksoffa
Summer ny1-2-2.jpg
inout grå.jpg
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16697_2.jpg
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16552.jpg
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16494.jpg
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16629.jpg
FriForm Miljöbilder 2022-09_16697_2.jpg
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