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Farfar Gustafsson - Summer 52

Grandfather's classic armchair in a new guise

In the spring of 1952, the manufacturer Nils Gustafsson produced his first garden furniture, an armchair with a characteristic swing in the seat. This at the urging of a local wholesaler, who also became the first customer. The armchair in question was a great success and would be in Nils and son Nils-Åke's product range for half a century. A true Swedish classic.

Now the third generation of furniture makers with the surname Gustafsson has launched the armchair på newly, this after first further developing the design. The new, more modern model is called Summer 52, otherwise the same conditions apply as for the original: comfort and solid quality. 

inout formis a Swedish furniture company in the third generation which focuses on quality and timeless design. With new, self-designed models, complemented by our grandfather's classic armchair, we have created a furniture collection that makes it easy to take advantage of the best moments of summer. The armchairs are comfortable, functional and a delight to the eye. And made i from maintenance-free materials to have a place in the sun and be a joy for many years.

We believe and hope you will like them. 

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